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 I was waiting in line, to pickup a prescription. The man standing in front of me was clearly agitated and impatient. His negative energy bouncing off him.

When the pharmacist beckoned the man forward, he loudly demanded to see her supervisor, upset that he had to wait so long for his medicine.

While she went to bring her boss over, I began talking with him.

Following the wonderful example set by my dear friend, Renee, of Blessed Memory, and especially her dad, highly-respected Attorney, Franklin D. Kreutzer ,

everywhere I go I often carry small gifts with me.

Little tokens of Gratitude to Brighten another person's Day  

I offered the irate customer one of my stress gavels and an understanding nod. Detecting an accent, I inquired where he was from and we chatted for a few moments about his beautiful homeland.

He clearly forgot about waiting to make a complaint, as he walked away shortly thereafter.

The shoulders of the 2 cashiers visibly relaxed as the customer left and I gave each of them a stress gavel, too.

Oh, the Happy Look on their faces!

Not saying this is the path to Global Peace, but ... then again, who knows?

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