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Today, a woman told me that she supports breast cancer more than Alzheimer's research, as she believes  (mistakenly) that breast cancer affects women more than Alzheimer's. Although both causes are important, Alzheimer's does not receive the cache, publicity or understanding it should. Did you know that according to Center for Disease Control (as found directly from their website):

The absolute risk of developing breast cancer during a particular decade of life is lower than 1 in 8. The younger you are, the lower the risk. For example:

• From age 30 to 39, absolute risk is 1 in 227, or 0.44%. This means that 1 in 227 women in this age group can expect to develop breast cancer. Put another way, your odds of developing breast cancer if you are in this age range are 1 in 227.

• From age 40 to 49, absolute risk is 1 in 68, or 1.47%.

• From age 50 to 59, absolute risk is 1 in 42, or 2.38%.

• From age 60 to 69, absolute risk is 1 in 28, or 3.56%.

• Also, about 39,620 women in the U.S. were expected to die from breast cancer, though death rates have been decreasing since 1989 — with larger decreases in women under 50. 

Please compare this to the nearly 85,000 people (the majority of which is women) who will die from Alzheimer’s and that is how the CDC came to announce that you, as a woman, are 2x more likely to die of Alzheimer’s than breast cancer.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is one of the least spoken about or understood diseases and yet is the 6th leading cause of death, when properly attributed. Since it is not listed on death certificates as a cause of death, that number is not likely accurate and is estimated to be much higher.Just thought you would like to know why I am so passionate about this cause. We encourage people to attend our walks by waiving any registration fee because awareness is one of our biggest difficulties. 

Please register for the Oct. 11  for the first South County walk in Mizner Park today at   THANK YOU!! 

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