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Most people think that the only reason to see an estate planner is to determine who receives what property upon their death. In actuality, estate planning is about helping YOU in YOUR lifetime. Devising real estate is important to your heirs but how will YOU protect YOUR legal interests in YOUR lifetime, regarding health care and financial decisions, if YOU ever become just temporarily (or permanently)  incapable of doing so?


In the least, each person over the age of 18 should have their own Living Will and Health Care Surrogate, Durable Power of Attorney and HIPPA, as well as a Pre-Need Guardian appointed.



Also, PLEASE do not forget that children going off to or graduating college, that are over the age of 18, are considered legal adults and, as such, need their own estate plans.


Do NOT let the tragedies that became Terry Schiavo or Elijah Smith's life become your family's own!

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