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The Solution, a Hug!

As a native born and raised Floridian, I highly appreciate the changing of

the 4 seasons that we find in our Southern State: mildly hot; hotter; hotter than

Hades, and, of course, Fuhgeddaboudit Hot.

The advent of the changing of seasons is precipitated by telltale signs,

especially notable during our “Mildly Hot” time of year.

As nature watchers report, beautiful creatures migrate here each year, to

enjoy our wonderful climate, known to even the most casual observer as the

much-coveted “snowbird”.

We know this by increased traffic, more populated restaurants and

shopping areas, as well as the addition of the music of this season: the dreaded


As I drive in my beloved convertible, I must decide each day whether to

enjoy the benefits of living in paradise and driving with my car top down or being

accosted by the cacophonous noise surrounding me.

Growing up in a tourist state means I was taught at a young age to

appreciate all that these visitors bring. Truly, I still do. However, the level of

impatience and stress on the roads definitely does begin to impact me.

I know I am not alone in this.

As my temperament is more of a “fixer”, not a complainer, I decided to

take action.

Researchers affirm that one in three adults is chronically lonely. Those

studies indicate that socially isolated individuals tend to report higher irritability,

poor health and psychological distress. Simply stated, as we age, the less we

feel connected and physical touch does a lot to alleviate that. The Solution? A


Now I am not advocating stopping your vehicle and hugging someone

while driving on the Turnpike.

However, during interactions with others, perhaps we can decrease some

of the stress in our community simply by giving each other a hand to hold.

As the poet, John Keats, said, “Touch has a Memory”. So today, let’s

follow AT&T’s encouragement and, “Reach Out and Touch Someone”!


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