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Mental Health May

Did you know that when threatened, butterflies will close their colorful wings, snapping them shut, as a way of confusing those intending harm?


In fearful & vulnerable moments, many of us behave exactly like that.


We tend to hide and try not to be noticed, praying the danger will just pass us by. However, when appreciated and feeling confident, we allow ourselves to embrace our true nature, creating happiness within ourselves that we can experience with others.


Likewise, although caterpillars are perfectly wondrous all on their own, the metamorphosis that each one takes should inspire Hope in us all:


No matter how dark our Journey or safe our cocoon may seem, we all contain within us the possibility to spread our wings and fly, becoming stronger and more magnificent than before.


When asked if anyone in my own family suffers from Mental Illness, I often  respond: No, they all seem to enjoy it highly.

Unfortunately, mental health is truly not funny in any possible way.

The reality is, in accordance with Jewish tradition, I was named for a beloved cousin, who died before I was born. That she died by suicide at a young age has become a constant reminder to me of how many households face these types of overwhelming concerns.

All of which is why I am thankful to so many local heroes in this field, such as Jewish Family Services and others, for ensuring free and low-cost mental health programs exist in our community.

Plus, this is why my support and my law firm’s Sponsorship (and yours!!) of Mental Health Awareness initiatives in our community, such as the Butterfly Release at the Faulk Center for Counseling , remains so vitally important!!

Care should Never be a Privilege!!


Below is a list of agencies & organizations, comprised by Ruth & Norman Rales JFS, that provide counseling on sliding scale and/or reduced fee basis.


Please share with others and remember to express Gratitude, give HUGE hugs, Kindness and Understanding when possible. So many fight a battle that we never see.


Your wings already exist. All You need to do is Fly.


…and Remember: BEFORE Your Troubles Hit the Fan, Please Create Your Estate Plan!!!


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