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Definitely one of my proudest moments....

AMAZING! In 2 years since I founded the Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's, we became the #1 Walk in South Fla!!!! KUDOS to our community, our sponsors & my fantastic committee and then some:

Michelle Allen, Cheryl Goldberg Van Hare, Patricia Waldron, Michele Bee Bellisari, Barry Reiss, Barbara Chaplik Shashoua, Barry Zeitlin, Rachel Heller Lenner, Ilene Becker, Laura Prego-Ortiz, Cheryl Zuckerman Perl, Karen Greene, Laurie Susan Dubow, Hallie Solomon Brenis, Dave Debien, Amy Wolpert Weishaus, Sue Gluskin Kimball, James Hansen, Trine Andersen, Wendy Becker Vevante, Vicki Plumer, Corrie LeMay, Victoria Karasin, Dan Cohen, Michele Bee Bellisari, Keri Schneider Caston and Jessie S. Brooks.

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