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Can I afford to pay a foreclosure attorney or even need one?

Can I afford to pay a foreclosure attorney

Do I even need one?


This truly depends on your goals and objectives with respect to the property. If you are planning to just walk away from the property, then you may still want to negotiate a deficiency waiver,which an attorney can do on your behalf. If you want to stay in the home as long as possible and, hopefully, modify the loan terms, an attorney can again be very useful. When evaluating this situation, you must primarily decide if you can afford NOT to have a skilled and experienced lawyer defending your foreclosure action.

Many people attempt to enter the modification process and mistakenly think that they once they submit modification paperwork to the Lender/Bank, that homeowners do not need to then also address the legal side of the foreclosure process. 

This is NOT TRUE!  

A Lender/Bank is a monster with many heads and you may find yourself in the unfavorable position of not getting the modification you wanted before the Lender/Bank's attorneys have managed to take the legal steps necessary to foreclose upon your property.  

If you are facing foreclosure, either through Probate or for your own property, PLEASE do not attempt to handle this on your own. You would not attempt to re-wire your home without an experienced, licensed professional to assist you. Likewise, going through the modification and foreclosure process without a bar-recognized attorney to represent your interests in the property can prove electrifying and highly dangerous! 

The consultation won't cost you a thing; handling this on your own likely will cost more than you saved in attorneys' fees!

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