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Alzheimers Latest Reports

The Today show on NBC just reported that a woman's estimated lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer's at age 65 is 1 in 6, compared with nearly 1 in 11 for a man. Also, did you know that a woman is 2x likely to develop Alzheimers than she is to develop breast cancer?!!! and yet, despite being our nation's biggest health threat, Alzheimer's disease is still largely misunderstood. Unless something is done to change the course of the disease, there could be as many as 16 million Americans living with Alzheimer's in 2050, at a cost of $1.2 trillion (in current dollars). So you may not know someone affected or be affected yourself, but as a taxpayer, your pocketbook surely will!!!

Please join our walk today to help promote awareness and to End Alzheimers! Register for FREE at\walk or to join my team or make a donation, visit my personal walk page at:

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