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Graduating High School? College?

Graduating High School? College?


EVERY adult should protect their greatest asset--themselves!

Now, that you are over 18, this is the time to truly heed the advice of the flight attendant--take care of yourself before everyone else!!

Not having any financial assets does not mean you should not protect YOU!

Even if your parents are paying your bills and keeping coverage of health and automobile insurace for you does not mean that they have the ability, once you turn 18, to provide medical and/or financial consent over you and your assets.

Our law firm provides inexpensive GRAD PACKAGES just for this reason!!!

I highly recommend you seek a FREE consultation with our firm to ensure you have the 4 basic estate documents in place to prevent what could be a very costly process, in terms of money and time, otherwise!

BEFORE Your Troubles hit the Fan, Make Sure to Have an Estate Plan!!

**The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

 Before you decide, ask me to send you free written information about my qualifications and experience.

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