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Grateful for the wonderful opportunity.....

Grateful for the wonderful opportunity to sponsor & celebrate high school graduates. Our office also provides affordable "Grad Packages", encouraging each to sign documents, such as a living will. Learning to take care of yourself is so important!! Before Troubles Hit the Fan, Please Create Your Estate Plan.

Must Attend Event!

Helping high school seniors.....

Helping high school seniors turning 18 understand how best to use the law to their advantage is definitely one of my favorite parts about being an attorney. Thanks, Sharon Weinstein Cutler, for inviting me to speak to your DECA classes. What a polite and intelligent group of students!!

THIS is why democracy works!!!

Bursting with pride for the city of Boca Raton's council, Mayor Susan Haynie, Maria Sachs and all those who made this event such an incredible demonstration of unity, grace and strength. 

Thank you, Hava Holzhauer...

Thank you, Hava Holzhauer, for expressing this so well: The holidays are full of fun and good cheer - and I love the holidays! But throughout the rest of the year, it is not enough only to recognize joy and light and beauty - we must also recognize that which is not so pretty, and step in and speak out against it. 

This week a video surfaced in my community showing several girls surrounding another girl while she is physically pounded - most of the girls in the video were watching this beating occur and doing nothing to stop it.

Graduating High School? College?

Graduating High School? College?


EVERY adult should protect their greatest asset--themselves!

Now, that you are over 18, this is the time to truly heed the advice of the flight attendant--take care of yourself before everyone else!!

Not having any financial assets does not mean you should not protect YOU!

Even if your parents are paying your bills and keeping coverage of health and automobile insurace for you does not mean that they have the ability, once you turn 18, to provide medical and/or financial consent over you and your assets.