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Do you believe in Magic?
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Do you believe in Magic?

Do you believe in Magic?

As a native-born Floridian, I was 6 years old when Space Mountain opened in Orlando’s Disney World. I still remember in exact detail the thrill of going on that ride. My parents decided to skip the long lines during the day and waited until the crowds went to watch the fireworks that night to have my brothers, themselves and I all experience this classic roller coaster for the first time. 
The adventure did not begin when the ride started. No, the window displays and the futuristic storyline continued all the way throughout helped build the whole feeling of escape and excitement.

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Now, More than Ever, make sure your Estate Planning documents reflect your Life. Address your concerns and listen as we emphasize the Importance of taking Care of YOU and your loved ones! BEFORE YOUR TROUBLES HIT THE FAN, PLEASE CREATE YOUR ESTATE PLAN!

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Looking Forward to Another Great Event to End Alzheimer's - VIRTUALLY! Please Join us! Sunday, Nov. 8. www.Bit.Ly/BocaWalk2020

That reminds me ...

Just another reason ...

Just another reason why the City of Boca Raton's Chamber of Commerce is so wonderful! Thank you so very much for including my article! I feel so Special.

Do you have a ...

Do you have a Dog, Cat, Parrots, Pigs or even a Wallaby? Too often people neglect to provide for their cherished pets. Please Create Your Estate Plan, BEFORE Your Troubles Hit the Fan!!

Honored ...

Between having my name in the Sun Sentinel for my work as chairperson of the first Alzheimer's Boca Walk and now this award from the Florida Association for Women's Lawyers, I am feeling very honored!!! 

ODE to My Office Chair

For hours and hours upon you, I often must sit.
You truly support me with my efforts to be a lawyer that is compassionate.
Drafting probate, litigation pleadings and so much more
Without you, my chair, my butt would be oh, so sore
You never get jealous when I travel to my clients' homes, offices or even their car
Knowing that I try to provide the best service I can, both near and far
You're not very fancy, just essential, even basic, is what I would say
So that high prices my clients don't have to necessarily pay

Nearly every Friday ...

Nearly every Friday I write a post, wishing everyone Shabbat Shalom, a peaceful weekend. Not this Friday, not after seeing such hurt unfold around us. In spite of the Beautiful Weather, the thrill & miracle of the successful SpaceX rocket launch, the outpouring of love & support over our sons' Graduations and our youngest's 18th birthday, a Very Dismal cloud cast a long shadow over our Celebrations. In a year of so many global tragedies and natural disasters from wildfires, airplane crashes, earthquakes, flooding, giant murdering insects and a pandemic, my Heart absolutely Aches over the one we created for ourselves.