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If you can't walk, can't be there...

If you can't walk, can't be there, You CAN Be A "Virtual" participant at the Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's, next Sunday at 8 am, October 28 in Mizner Park. Registration is FREE and Your Support is Priceless.

Always Excited...

Always Excited to Hear Feedback about my contributions to Nostalgia Magazine. Hope you enjoy this article!!

Before your troubles hit the fan,......

Before your troubles hit the fan, please create an estate plan! Alzheimer's affects 1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 11 men over the age of 65. Take the time to prepare your legal documents accordingly! 

Women for Excellence...

So proud to represent WOMEN FOR EXCELLENCE, as their nominee at the Woman Volunteer of the Year Luncheon. Please join us! The monies raised at this event helps JLBR continue all they do for our community. I truly look forward to sharing a special day with you!!! 

The Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's...

The Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's is such a meaningful experience. Huge Kudos to this year's chairs and committee members for all of their efforts. Please join us!  

Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's

I founded and chaired the Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's to help raise awareness of this horrific disease. Please consider joining my team this year to help continue our efforts. Thank YOU! 

Address digital assets...

Electronic bill pay & online accounts means not planning properly can be financially disastrous. Likewise, social media represents today’s shoeboxes of photos & memories. Address digital assets like any other valuable tangible or intangible asset... Before YOUR Troubles Hit the Fan, Please Create Your Estate Plan!

What is holding YOU back...

Graduations, July 4th Picnics, Lazy Days and exotic vacations are all what make summertime a favorite season to many, including myself. Likewise, additional downtime also makes this an ideal period to tackle those long-time goals.

You know the ones. We all dread doing these things, but as an adult, you realize you must undertake: maintenance on your house, making doctor appointments, and, yes, estate planning.

What is holding YOU back from creating/updating your estate plan?

Over the years, I have compiled a top 5 list of reasons that people provide to not sign a Health Care Proxy “Living Will”, Durable Power of Attorney, Revocable Trust or a Last Will & Testament:

Looking to make a Difference?

Looking to make a Difference? Please consider joining the Faulk Center for Counseling Community Impact Awards & Reception committee.

By serving on the host committee you simply commit to attending the event (ticket: $100 per person) and will work to encourage others to join you at a table.

The Faulk Center for Counseling Community Impact Awards & Reception will be held on Thursday, November 8, 2018, 6:00 p.m., at Broken Sound Club, and I am so excited to be one of the four honorees this year!

New State, New Will

Welcome to Paradise! With moving and our summer heat, updating your estate documents is likely the last thing you have energy to do. However, Before YOUR Troubles Hit the Fan, Please Review Your Estate Plan!