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Please Create Your Estate Plan!!
Time to Talk Estate Planning
Graduating High School? College?
Alzheimer's is a young(er) person's disease -- so get to work!
2016 Spring Luncheon


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Please Create Your Estate Plan!!

80% of Americans do not have a current or updated Will. Unless they know something you and I do not, 100% of us will require one.  Before YOUR Troubles Hit the Fan, Please Create Your Estate Plan!!

Time to Talk Estate Planning

When most people think of HIPAA, the form that a person fills out at the doctor’s office or hospital often comes to mind. HIPAA is far more vast and touches a multitude of facets of law ranging from healthcare to cybersecurity to employment law. With increasing attacks on health care entities, businesses cannot ignore this law. Before Your Troubles Hit the Fan, 
Make Sure to Create Your Estate Plan!!

Graduating High School? College?

Graduating High School? College?


EVERY adult should protect their greatest asset--themselves!

Now, that you are over 18, this is the time to truly heed the advice of the flight attendant--take care of yourself before everyone else!!

Not having any financial assets does not mean you should not protect YOU!

Even if your parents are paying your bills and keeping coverage of health and automobile insurace for you does not mean that they have the ability, once you turn 18, to provide medical and/or financial consent over you and your assets.

Alzheimer's is a young(er) person's disease -- so get to work!

Alzheimer's is a young(er) person's disease -- 
so get to work
By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
Updated 9:52 AM ET, Tue December 22, 2015
While he couldn't possibly have known, Sandy Halperin was likely around 35 years old when his brain began slowly accumulating the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer's disease.

2016 Spring Luncheon

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Probate Code Winner!

Many thanks to the South Palm Beach County Bar Association Probate Committee for recognizing me as one of the
2015 “Probate Code Maven” winners!

Million Dollar Chapter!

Pamela Polani offers “concierge” service and often travels to clients’ homes and businesses in the South Florida area, providing assistance with personal estate planning, including wills, durable powers of attorney, trusts, and probate. Her law firm also provides representation in foreclosure defense, and business formations or succession planning.

Having worked in Tel Aviv for several years with a well-known law practice, Mrs. Polani is fluent in Hebrew, as well.
Pamela Polani is also one of the leading attorneys in digital asset protection and her novel approach to estate planning was discussed in a series of newspaper articles, published by the Sun Sentinel and Orlando Sentinel in Summer, 2013.

Jewish Journal Highlights Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's

#1 Walk in South Florida to End Alzheimer's

My law office is so glad to be an instrumental part of the 2015 Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's, the #1 Walk in South Florida since I personally founded and became chairperson of the Walk, just 2 short years ago!

Together, We Will End Alzheimer's!

Before YOUR troubles hit the fan, please make sure to create your 
Estate Plan!!

Boca Walk to End Alzheimer's is back, bigger than before!

Sen Sentinel - September 20, 2015.